Top 5 Crystals for Protection

In this ‘Top 5 Crystals’ we’ll be looking at protective crystals. When working with any forms of energy, it is essential that you create an area of protection that will help neutralise, or deflect, any negative energy that get drawn to you. The crystals below will provide benefit for everyone, from advanced mediumship, to those who are just going about their everyday duties.

Black Tourmaline is my personal favourite when it comes to crystals for protection and I feel if you could only have one crystal for protection that Black Tourmaline should be it. Black Tourmaline works by absorbing any negative energy that resides within the energy highways that link the chakras. One added benefit of this stone, is any illnesses that are caused by blockages within this system will quickly be rectified.

Flow Obsidian TumblestonesBlack Obsidian is another highly protective stone. Black Obsidian works to restore, and repair, your auric field. It is this field that helps to prevent any negative energies latching onto you. Already with these two crystals, you’ve reinforced your natural barrier, and removed anything that is already residing within.

Hematite doesn’t work like many other protection stones. Hematite doesn’t remove, cleanse, ground, or protect you from any negative energy (in a sense) but will instead deflect back any negative energy that has been directed towards you. This negative energy can be coming from a disgruntled ‘ex’ friend, or a ‘psychic vampire’, but that attachment between you and them will be stopped through the use of Hematite.

Lapis Lazuli TumblestonesLapis Lazuli is known for its ability to create, and maintain, a powerful connection between the physical and celestial plains; allowing us to contact our Spiritual Guardians, while allowing us to seek Divine Assistance when needed. Lapis Lazuli will put up a gateway between the physical and celestial plains, allowing only the positive energies and messages to be passed through and protecting you from psychic attacks.

Malachite TumblestonesMalachite is the final one in this list, and it’s the odd ball one. This stone is often used to provide protection for mother and child during pregnancy, but when directed to do so, it can provide a layer of protection from all things for those that are close to you, your friends, and family.

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