Top 5 Crystals for Migraines

In this ‘Top 5 Crystals’ we’ll be looking to help alleviate any migraines that you may be suffering from. These crystals won’t just help with a recurring migraine, but also tension headaches, cluster migraines, and even just a general headache.

Amethyst Clusters - UruguayAmethyst is an ultimate crystal for any headaches or migraines you may be suffering from. Amethyst helps provide healing for the brain and reduces any pressure built up within. Amethyst also helps to relieve fatigue, exhaustion, and headaches, while promoting relaxation.

Lapis Lazuli TumblestonesLapis Lazuli will help to combat many of the physical side effects caused by intense headaches and migraines. Lapis Lazuli will ease any nausea or sickness, and help promote wellness within the stomach to reduce these effects. Lapis can also help reduce any pain caused by the migraines.

Blue Lace Agate TumblestonesBlue Lace Agate is another one that is less for treating the cause, but more the symptoms. Blue Lace Agate will help you to find that place of tranquillity, allowing you to remain calm and keep stress levels at an all time low. Reducing any emotional stress will help in the long run to relieving headaches and migraines.

Amber has various natural oils, that when worn against the skin will permeate into your body and provide the healing benefits. Amber will help balance any chemical imbalances, while rectifying any issues found within the nerves and blood vessels around the brain.

Green Aventurine TumblestonesAventurine is a wonderful stone that comes in a multitude of different colours. Aventurine is a natural anti-inflammatory, this can help calm any pain and inflammation around the eyes while helping to reducing any localised pain from migraines, just apply to the areas effected.

Healing Pouch for Migraines

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