Top 5 Crystals for Concentration

In this ‘Top 5 Crystals’ we’ll be looking at crystals to help with concentration. Whether working towards a deadline, or studying for an exam, the crystals shown below will help to give you a boost of mental clarity and allow you to focus on the task at hand.

Clear Quartz has to be the first one mentioned within this list. Clear Quartz will help to clear your mind of any ‘background’ noise and intrusive thoughts; helping you to keep your mind clear and allow you to focus with a clearer mind.

Fluorite TumblestonesFluorite, regardless of its colour, can be used to help clear any memory fog, helping you to store, and recall, new information with ease. Fluorite will also help boost your decision making abilities with a boost of confidence.

Sodalite TumblestonesSodalite will help to focus the mind on the task ahead, while helping to enhance concentration. Sodalite can help authors or those working on a written piece to over come writers block.

Howlite TumblestonesHowlite helps further to boost concentration and help one to concentrate on one task at a time, helping to keep things organised and save confusion if taking on to many tasks on at one time.

Selenite helps to improve mental clarity and concentration. Selenite will also help to cleanse the mind of any toxins or impurities that may be effecting your ability to focus on the topic in front of yourself.

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