Top 5 Crystals for Back to School

In this ‘Top 5 Crystals’ we’ll be looking towards those who are returning to school shortly. This combination of crystals will help with various aspects that come in to play when going back to school, from anxiety and confidence, to concentration and memory recall.

Fluorite TumblestonesFluorite has the nickname of ‘The Stone of the Genius’. Fluorite has been revered by both ancient philosophers and modern humans as the study stone. This stone will help boost concentration, as well as helping to energise the pathways between short, and long term memory; helping with recall during exams or teacher questions.

Golden Tigers Eye or any form of Tigers Eye will help to boost confidence and give the user a burst of courage. This stone is really good for those who might be shy at school, or suffering from bullying. Tigers Eye will help to keep spirits high and give you that jolt of confidence and courage when in the face of adversities.

Blue Lace Agate TumblestonesBlue Lace Agate is a stone of pure tranquillity and calming; many people when returning to school are filled with anxiety and worry and this stone will help to wash the slate clean and remove any worries and calm a stressed mind. Also ideal when coming into exam time.

Flow Obsidian Tumblestones

Black Obsidian is a great grounding stone to keep nearby. Schools are often crowded, loud, and can have a huge effect on those who are effected by this. Black Obsidian will help to keep the user grounded and centred, helping to prevent any stress or anxiety building up.

Auralite-23 is known to help those who suffer from ADHD, or ADD, but it can also help those without. This combination of minerals will help settle the user into a new routine and allow them to cope better with the sudden change in routine once more. Auralite-23 can also provide a layer of protection and boost concentration.

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