Septarian is a unique concretion formed of Aragonite (the brown), Calcite (the yellow), and sometimes Limestone (the grey). Septarian is believed to have formed during the Cretaceous period when sea levels were exceptionally high. Volcanic eruptions resulted in the death of a lot of small sea life which then sank to the seabed, this is why Septarian often has various shells within. Over time the sediment left behind would accumulate and create a mud ball or ‘nodule’. Some of these nodules ended up on land, eventually drying out and cracking, which allowed the Calcite or Limestone to fill in between these gaps, resulting in the unique ‘dragon scale’ like patterns. Septarian is derived from the word ‘septum’ meaning ‘partition’.


Septarian is a very bountiful mineral combination, found in countries around the world each with their unique appearance, and sometimes with additional minerals. Most noticeable finds include Utah in the United States of America, Madagascar, and Morocco.


Mineral Category Not Available
Chemical Formula Not Available
Crystal System Not Available
MoHs Scale 3.5 – 4
Sources Worldwide
Colour Brown, Yellow, and White.
Specific Gravity 2.6 – 2.7
Birthstone March
Astrology Sign Pisces
Chakra Root & Crown


Septarian, the Stone of the Shaman, as the name suggests is all about bringing people and their energies together in peaceful harmony, making it the ideal stone for group communication or energy work. It will help people to understand each others perspectives and allow for clear and thoughtful communication which is both heard and understood. It is the perfect stone for healers and energy workers as it helps in the transfer of energy helping both the client and practitioner. As a grounding stone, it helps to solidify a solid wall between you and any negative energy being displaced within the room and being allowed to take hold and will instead transmute this energy to feed back into the system of positive benefit to all near.


Septarian can help on your journey to higher enlightenment, it will help to harmonize your emotions and your intellect with your higher mind. Septarian can help you to understand things about both this life and your past lives that you did not understand before and will help you to utilise and learn from these lives to progress you on the path of enlightenment. This stone as a whole will help to ground and centre you, helping to connect your mind, body, and spirit; and can be a powerful talisman when it comes to tackling both spiritual and mental problems.


On a physical level, Septarian is similar to a lot of other members of the Calcium Carbonate family, Septarian can help with calcium absorption, help strength and repair damaged bones, as well as help regulate general energy levels.