Introduction to Pyrite

Pyrite, or commonly known as Fools Gold, is a beautiful brass coloured mineral. It was first discovered in the 1500s when colonisers sent to the American Continent sent back hundreds of tonnes of the stuff believing it to be Gold, hence where Pyrite received the name of ‘Fools Gold’.

Pyrite is well known for it’s unique symmetrical shapes, forming commonly as cubes and dodecahedrons, as well as flat-disc like shapes known as ‘Suns’, or natural Spherical formations.

Where is Pyrite found?

Pyrite as such a common crystal has many sources, the most productive of which are Brazil and Peru. Pyrite is relatively common throughout the North American continent as well as Mexico, Italy, Spain, and Kazakhstan.

Pyrite can also be found in Australia, Germany and Scotland.

Pyrite Sun

Pyrite Facts

Mineral CategorySulphide
Chemical FormulaFeS2
Crystal SystemIsometric
MoHs Scale6 – 6.5
SourcesMexico, Peru, South Africa & Spain
ColourPale Brass-Yellow
Specific Gravity4.95 – 5.10
Astrology SignLeo
ChakraRoot & Solar Plexus

Spiritual and Emotional Healing

Pyrite is a powerful grounding stone, with a strong connection to both the Root and Solar Plexus chakras. It is said that Pyrite will help bring you the strength and confidence to make it through the rough patches in life, giving you that spark of energy on the most challenging of days. Pyrite will encourage you to gain a more positive outlook during these times, helping to set your focus on the future rather than the present.

As a stone of both Fire and Earth, it is ideal for those who are wishing to work with the elements of the earth. Shamans will often use Pyrite during their ceremonial and healing rituals. Pyrite can also often be used as a mineral for scrying, helping one to see the path that is hidden in front of them.

Physical Healing

Pyrite can help to shield the body from environmental pollutants, as well as other various diseases. Pyrite will bring in an aspect of warmth and light, helping to combat the cold and flu, while also helping to heal and protect against various skin conditions and fungal infections. Pyrite can be an ideal stone for helping to cool the body, helping to combat a high fever, while reducing inflammation.

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