Moldavite is a natural glass that formed approximately 14.7 million years ago, commonly believed to have been formed due to a meteoric impact in Germany. Moldavite falls into the ‘Tektite’ Family. Tektites are Natural Glasses formed typically due to meteoric impacts in different locations across the world. Moldavite comes from several different locations, Southern Bohemia, Radomilice, Cheb, Western Moravia, Lusatia & Austria. They have between 11 and 14 different elements and compounds; including Silicon dioxide, Titanium dioxide, Aluminium oxide, Ferric oxide, Iron (II) oxide, Iron (II) oxide tot, Manganese oxide, Magnesium oxide, Calcium oxide, Sodium oxide, Potassium oxide & Phosphorus pentoxide. Only Moldavite from Western Moravia contains all these components. Southern Bohemia and Radomilice Moldavite doesn’t contain Ferrix oxide or Iron (II) oxide. Cheb, Lusatian & Austrian Moldavite doesn’t contain Ferrix oxide, Iron (II) oxide or Phosphorus pentoxide.

It is rather hard to pin-point where Moldavite got its name, there seems to be several ‘theories’ floating about and all seem possible. Some say it was named after the town ‘Moldauthein’ in the Czech Republic, others say it was derived from ‘die Moldau’ – the German word for the river Vltava where it was first officially discovered. I have also been told it was named after Moldova which, while possible, makes no sense as no Moldavite has been found in Moldova to date.

It is still not exactly known how Moldavite did form, scientists are still arguing the possibilities. It was originally thought to have been a Beryl with volcanic origins when it was first officially discovered by Dr. Josef Mayer in the 1700s . It wasn’t until hundreds of years later that it was generally accepted to have a extraterrestrial origin.

Moldavite is now believed to have come from the meteoric impact that resulted in the Ries Crater in modern day Germany. When the Meteorite first touched the earth several things happened all simultaneously. Rocks from the meteorite and earth where thrown high into the atmosphere, being vaporised by the heat of the impact. These vapours began to cool down and as they did they formed liquid Moldavite which cooled further as it scattered across the area.

This theory is still heavily argued, it is commonly agreed that it either formed on another planet or within the Earths upper atmosphere, this is due to miniature bubbles that can be found within Moldavite with the pressure within these bubbles at 18-25 times lower than that found at sea level.

You can actually visit the crater, although a beautiful town has sprung up within the perimeter of the crater.

Contrary to popular belief, Moldavite isn’t only found in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is the only country to have Official Moldavite Mines (I’ll explain later why I’m saying Official) but this doesn’t stop pieces just popping up out the ground by people just messing in their back gardens or farming industries. Many pieces have been found in Germany and Austria and it is my belief that there is plenty to be found in these countries but still very limited in comparison to what the Czech Republic has produced, and will continue producing.

Moldavite mining really became popular in the 50s & 60s. People would grab their bucket and spade before venturing to nearby forests and fields before looking for pieces. They would typically find a nice few pieces to help pay off their bills, many people happily did this and there never was an issue. As with many things, money started to become an object and these people would get into fights over who had the right to dig where. This is when the government stepped in and made this practice illegal, not only did it help stop the fighting but it stopped giant holes appearing overnight. This sadly led to people going out under the shroud of night, many people would be visited by a specialist task force at home to ensure no one had been illegally collecting Moldavite.

Since these days the government has eased up quite an amount but still have a tight noose round the Moldavite mines. You can apply for certificates to legally dig in set areas as well as several government approved mines being opened across the area, including one in Besednice. The Moldavite world is very unstable as the Czech Republic Government is constantly opening and closing different mines but each year less and less are reopened. It is expected for all mines to be permanently shut down within 10 years and then only Moldavite from private collections will be available. If you plan on visiting the Czech Republic you still have a chance of finding pieces without digging, it is perfectly legal to keep any piece you find without digging, many will search freshly ploughed fields looking for pieces.

One thing many may notice is people using the word Besednice, after all I did just use it in the last paragraph. Besednice refers to a TINY mine in Southern Bohemia and provides a one of a kind Moldavite. Moldavite may get its shape from crashing into the earth but it receives its special texture from erosion, many of the Moldavite sites have rather sandy ground which caused grooves and valleys to appear in the Moldavite over 14 million years. Besednice has a particularly sandy soil which has resulted in very thin, elongated shapes with very jagged patterns, often known as the ‘Hedgehog Moldavite’. This area was only mined for a couple years before being shut, a couple years ago the area was opened up again but using industrial equipment to mine. This resulted in the majority of pieces being destroyed during the process, resulting in the mine being shut down again. Small pieces can go for £40 per gram while larger pieces can reach over £100 per gram!

Moldavite is becoming increasingly rare, if you are looking for an extraordinary piece I would recommend not waiting around. Typically you will find pieces between 1 and 10 grams at your local rock shop, you usually have to go online to find anything bigger or if looking for Besednice or carved Moldavite. Most Moldavite over 10 grams on the market is usually good quality with minor dings, carvers and lapidarists will buy up the damaged pieces to produce some amazing carvings, luckily leaving us to find the very best pieces out there.

Every year only a hand full of Moldavite is found that goes past 40 grams, even less that goes past 50 grams. Miners will often add these pieces to their own Private Collections or save them to sell at The Tucson and Denver Gem Shows. As Besednice Moldavite is no longer mined it is becoming rather rare to find but is still readily available, it is very rare to find a piece of Besednice Moldavite over 10 grams as it is usually in the hands of Private Collectors who do not plan on selling them.

While I can guarantee the Moldavite I sell is genuine I cannot say the same for many out there. I’m lucky in being able to source this gem directly from the source in the Czech Republic from the miner himself (one of many, but I’ve got one I always go back to). In recent years, factories in China have started producing very good quality fakes of Moldavite out of green glass. Not only do they look different on close inspection, they also don’t have the metaphysical energies. These fakes are typically only found in physical gem shops in China as well as China-based eBay shops so don’t often make it to the worldwide market but always be careful when buying this gem.

Time to verge away from the science and facts behind Moldavite and actually talk about what it can do for us. Moldavite is one of the few crystals I would advise caution when first working with. Many often have the same first experience with Moldavite, many will feel the energies straight away, some find it over bearing, being forced to put it down and go hug some Black Tourmaline for a bit. This first touch with Moldavite often gives people what is known as the Moldavite Flush. The Moldavite Flush is quite a unique sensation, you feel every pulse within your body, feel all energies mould around you, many often become very light-headed and dizzy. Don’t be afraid if the first time you pick Moldavite up that this happens, it is normal! Many, when working with Moldavite, can only do so for short periods as the energies start to build up. It is often to still be feeling the energies weeks after you’ve touched a piece. There are individuals who are known as Starborns who often find that Moldavite relaxes them, that it is a crystal they resonate perfectly with and actually find comfort when holding a piece.

Once you’ve found a piece of Moldavite you have connected with, one of the best things to do is carry it around with you. This allows your energy and that of the crystals to become acquainted. This helps a bit when first fully working with the crystal as your body is already becoming used to the energies it offers. When you find the time is ready, go into a nice dimly lit room and meditate with it, I personally love meditating with a piece on my Heart and Third Eye Chakras. Moldavite resonates with ALL Chakras so you can expect everything to just be flung open, it is not uncommon to feel stripped down and have gone back to your roots with nothing to hide. This green gem has very strong ties with the Heart and Third Eye Chakras so these are always good starting points. I seem to always need a glass of water and some chocolate after meditating with Moldavite so would recommend to keep some nearby if you need to help bring yourself back.

My first meditation with Moldavite was a colossal 51 gram piece, I didn’t wait around, the secound I received it I cleansed it and meditated with it straight away on my Third Eye Chakra. Within secounds it started to feel as if my head was expanding and contracting. I saw myself sitting in lotus in complete darkness, I saw my head expanding, I could see my Chakra points illuminate. My head kept expanding till it eventually burst and I could see the universe appear, all the glimmers of each star brightened my mind. At that very moment I had to stop meditating, I did not expect such an experience!

Now, Moldavite is often referred to as the Stone of Transformation. It starts off slowly but once this journey has started you cannot end it, it must come full cycle so be prepared for a lot to change in your life. Moldavite will start by helping you let go of old ties, and by help I more mean it will just keep telling you off till you do let go of it. Something that everyone does is hold onto things that really don’t matter. When going through this process an important question to ask yourself is ‘Will it matter in a months’ time?’, more than likely the answer is a No. Let go of everything where the answer is a no, nothing deserves to hold you back and keep you from reaching your full potential.

The next stage is where things really start to change, you’ve now let go of all them old ties so there is absolutely nothing holding you back. Moldavite will give you great inner vision, it will help you see what you truly need in your life. This process can be particularly hard on those who may be indecisive in life but Moldavite will gently (Being honest this time!) edge you into making these decisions, helping you to see the results of each outcome and allow you to see which ones will benefit you the most.

The final stage, and well most important stage is MANIFESTATION! Moldavite will help you manifest everything you NEED into your life, not what you want but what you really do need. This stage can be hard for many people, it may not be obviously what you actually need but when you look back in the future it will become clear. Some have gone through this process in a matter of minutes, while others have gone through this journey in months, if not years. It is important to keep on goal, if you started this journey more than likely your subconscious knew that you needed to transform your life.

I’m probably starting to scare you off Moldavite a bit, but I honestly cannot recommend this gemstone more. As I said it is a Stone of Transformation, this journey may not be the easiest to take but it is worth it. I’ve had friends and clients alike tell me of their experiences with Moldavite and all have said they wish they had gone on this journey earlier.

Remember, Moldavite ‘came from the stars’, it is both terrestrial and extraterrestrial. It will help with your innervision as well as your astral travels. You will feel yourself float and just fly away, you are the captain of this flight and you can go to the deepest depths of the world or to the furthest away cosmos. Every journey is different with this gem so the only way to truly know what it will bring you is by working with a piece.

I’m sure you’ve had enough of me writing on about Moldavite, now is your chance to view our extensive range available ~ Just click here.