Larimar is an incredible Blue variation of Pectolite, forming in unique patterns that match the waves of the Caribbean sea of which it is found beside. It is still unknown exactly how Larimar was formed, current theory is that during tectonic plate movements in the area various volcanic eruptions took place. It is these eruptions that caused a quick fossilisation process of the local trees and flora to take place, and over time this fossilised wood was replaced with blue Pectolite. Yup, that’s right, Larimar is an extremely rare form of Petrified Wood!

Larimar has been mentioned as far back as the very earli 1900s, but it wasn’t till 1974 when Miguel Mendez and Norman Rilling first classified it. The word ‘Larimar’ is a combination of the words “Lari”, short for Larissa, and the Spanish word for sea, “mar”. Larissa was the name of Miguel Mendez’s eldest daughter.


Larimar deposits have only been found in only one place in the world, a remote mountain range in the province of Barahona, within the Dominican Republic. The total area on which Larimar can be found is less than one squared kilometre. Be aware, many are selling what is known as ‘Chinese Larimar’, this is actually a type of Hemomorphite and is not real Larimar.


Mineral Category Pectolite
Chemical Formula NaCa2Si3O8(OH)
Crystal System Triclinic
MoHs Scale 4.5 – 5
Sources The Dominican Republic
Colour Blue, bluish-white, white, gray
Specific Gravity 2.74 – 2.9
Birthstone March
Astrology Sign Leo
Chakra Heart, Throat, & Third Eye


Larimar is a Stone of the Ocean, when meditating with Larimar you’ll feel the cool waves of the ocean washing over you, helping to remove any stress, worries, and anxieties of the day. This cooling waves can help to calm big emotions, toxic thoughts, as well as help you when you’ve been feeling overwhelmed. The calming energy of this stone can help you to face your fears head on, helping to fight off thoughts of worry and anxiety, and show to you that the possibilities of life are limitless.

Larimar can help lower heightened anxiety and help restore the flow of calm energy. This form of blue Pectolite is a powerful communication stone, it will help to clear the upper chakras, helping to remove nerves from public speaking or when speaking as part of a group, and help to strengthen your true voice. The connection of your upper chakras. including the heart, will allow a flow of energy from between your heart, right up to your crown. This will help with all aspects of love, communication, and wisdom, as well as helping strengthen our communication with the higher beings.


Larimar is a powerful deep healer, it focuses primarily on places of communication, helping the throat to over come injury or fatigue, and also helping to reduce severity of breathing related conditions such as asthma. With Larimars ‘calm and cooling’ nature, it can help to alleviate stress-related symptoms, such as high blood pressure, and insomnia, and also help with fevers and rashes.