The Stone of the Brain

Kammererite is a rare, and little known, mineral which originates from Turkey and the Scandinavian Regions. It is said to be a strong protector and helps to balance the functions within our brain, while also helping us with our intuitive abilities.

Kammererite, or sometimes known as Kaemmererite and occasionally mixed up with Charoite was first discovered in Sweden, with it then being named for the Russian scientist August Alexander Kammerer. Kammererite varies in color from quite light, pinky hues, to vivid and deep purples. This is considered quite unusual for Chlorite rich stones, but this mineral contains an inclusion of Chromium, which produces this unique coloration.

Most specimens of Kammererite are masses of purple and creamy white, but it can occasionally form as pure, small, tabular crystals upon other minerals but this is a rare occurrence.

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Kammererite is a stone that carries quite a tranquil, soft energy, which over time, as it adjusts to your body and your own personal energy, will find the best way in which to work with you. You should look to utilize Kammererite as part of your daily rituals and meditations or add it into a grid for the home so that the energy is ever-present.

During guided meditation with this stone, it can help to inspire spiritual growth, encouraging you to find your own path to enlightenment and help you to press forward. As part of helping with your spiritual growth, Kammererite will help to connect you to the angelic beings that look over us and provide us guidance when we so shall ask. This can help reaffirm your goal and the path that you have chosen to take to reach that goal.

Kammererite is also known as a Stone of the Brain, it helps to balance both halves of the brain, bringing the rational and clear thinking abilities of the left, with the creative and intuitive abilities of the right. Helping the two sides of the brain work in unison will help with any mental pursuits while helping to balance both the body and mind.

When working with Kammererite, one can either place it on their Crown Chakra, or Third Eye Chakra, depending on what they wish to work towards. The Third Eye Chakra will help to empower your intuitive abilities, while the Crown Chakra will help with the Brain and bringing balance.

If you’re so guided to do so, place Kammererite within a grid, with the intention being set for the home. Add in crystals such as Black Tourmaline, Carnelian, and Malachite, while also joining the energies together using Clear Quartz. This combination of crystals will help to provide protection on all levels, going through the physical realm, to the ethereal and psychic realms.

Kammererite can help the movement of toxicity out of the body, both in toxic thoughts, but also toxic buildup within the body. This helps to stop and prevent negative thoughts, as well as allowing you to glow with joyous, pure light. This removal of negative energy within the body can help your own bodies immune system overcome illness and disease.

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