Himalayan Salt – The Mineral that is taking the world by storm!

Imagine this, you’re visiting your friends house for dinner, you go through into the kitchen to help the Host in the kitchen only to see them throw a handful of Pink salt into the boiling pot before you even have a chance to ask ‘What on earth is that?’. This scenario is starting to happen more often in the recent years, I’ve even been entertaining guests and have had the same reaction. The simple answer is, Himalayan Salt.




Himalayan Salt comes from the world famous Himalayan Mountain Range, being one of the largest in the world it stretches right through Afghanistan, Bhutan, China, Nepal,  Pakistan and India. When many people think of this famous Mountain Rage they think of Mount Everest, but there is a mineral deep below it’s peak that is taking the world by storm.


About 250 milion years ago the energy of our sun dried up the primal sea, as time went on these salt planes were encased in rock hard lava. As time went on these salt planes found themselves in the middle of India joining Southern Asia. The clashing of the techtonic plates forced the salt under ground and helped create what is now known as the Himalayan Mountain Range.


Himalayan Salt was then left untouched by both nature and mankind for millions of years, kept safe under thousands of tonnes of rock and a protective casing of Lava. This has resulted in it being the purest salt found on earth, kept away from the industrial revolution and all the pollutants it has carried. This doesn’t exactly explain the colour of the salt itself; if being honest, most table salt has been treated in some form or another to give it it’s pristine white look. Himalayan Salt is left natural, causing it’s colour to range from gentle oranges to blood rich reds depending on the iron content within the salt.


Himalayan Salt is known for having the Worlds Highest Elemental Content, with 84 of the nutrients that we need daily, many of which as a species we lack to include in our diet. Natural Himalayan Salt is rich in Iodine and contains less Sodium than standard table salt, meaning Iodine doesn’t need to be added in for our health, and we can be a bit more liberal with our serving sizes of the salt if we want a bit of extra zing!


Himalayan Salt Lamp Rough 9-12kgSo here are a few things this fantastic mineral can do…

  • Balances Electrolytes
  • Increased Hydration
  • Balances our bodies pH
  • Strengthens & Regrows Bones
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Absorption of Additional Nutrients
  • Relieves Arthritis.
  • Eases Headaches & Migraines
  • Eases Stress-Related Problems
  • Helps with Respiratory Illness
  • Eases breathing (excellent for Asthmatics!)
  • Neutralizes Positive Ions
  • and so much more…


Himalayan Salt has so many uses, and it seems that the list is forever growing…

  • It can be used for cooking and flavouring your dishes, even for curing different kinds of meat.
  • It can be found as slabs which can be used as serving platters, these slabs can also be heated up to sear different vegetables and fish, giving them a lovely salty taste. As Himalayan Salt is dense it will help to conduct the heat with near perfection so you can use the whole slab to cook with, not just one small part.
  • It’s often used for décor, put into containers to hold faux flowers in place, to cleanse crystals and can often be found as lamps or tealights.
  • As part of your bathing routine, just throw in a handful of Himalayan Salt into a warm bath and allow it to detoxify your body, helping to naturally nourish and replenish your skin and body.


Most importantly, is air purification. So far  we’ve focused on the benefits of eating Himalayan Salt, but that is not how most people will have it in their homes. Many people prefer the beautiful glow that Himalayan Salt has to offer when it is dimly lit. You’ll often find Lamps that are created out of rough or shaped Himalayan Salt, which when turned on creates a beautiful and relaxing glow that fills the room with positive and calming energy. It is a great idea to keep a Himalayan Salt Lamp close to your bed as it will work effortlessly to constantly cleanse and purify the air that you breathe. Many people have a drastic change to their sleep when close to a piece of Himalayan Salt.


Now next time you’re visiting a friend for dinner, you won’t be so shocked that the salt they’re using is a bit different from usual. But make sure to thank them as they’re helping fill you with marvellous nutrients and a magical energy.





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