Fluorite is a multi-coloured gem that has been found all around the world. Fluorite comes in a wide variety of colours, ranging from green, blue, pink, purple, yellow, and even clear, which has made it an ideal stone for sculpting. Sculptures of Fluorite have been found to date as early back as the starting years of the Egyptian Empire, and are often still carved today in modern China.

Fluorite still has its place in Chinese Medicine, believed to help treat ailments of the Kidneys, while helping the Kidneys to draw out toxins within the blood.


Fluorite has been found in all regions of the world, but most noticeable finds include Blue John in Derbyshire, Alien Eye from Namibia, and Chenzhou Mine in China.

The majority of Fluorite being exported comes from Madagascar, Brazil, and China.


Mineral CategoryHalide
Chemical FormulaCaF2
Crystal SystemIsometric
MoHs Scale4
ColourColourless, Purple, Yellow, Green, Blue, Others.
Specific Gravity3.175 – 3.184
Astrology SignTaurus
ChakraHeart, Throat, Third Eye.


Fluorite is known as a cleansing stone, with many healers holding belief that it is one of few crystals that can self cleanse; but even with this belief, it is always a good practice to cleanse your crystals in case anything has latched on. Fluorite will attract, and trap, any negative energy that is lingering nearby. These trapped energies will be cleansed, neutralised, and returned by the Fluorite; creating an empty space where an intention can be set and held. You can use Fluorite to either cleanse yourself, crystals, or a room within a home, making it an ideal part of any cleansing ritual.
Fluorite is known for the vast range of colours and hues that it can come in, with varying properties that spread across the different colour varieties. One benefit that stays true throughout them is where Fluorite receives the nickname ‘ The Stone of the Genius’. Fluorite has been known by both ancient philosophers, and modern humans, as an ideal stone for studying; helping to boost concentration, energising the pathways between short and long term memory. This connection between short and long term memory will allow you to recall the chosen subjects with ease when the time arises.


Fluorite is also known as a detoxifying stone. Fluorite can be used to draw out any negative toxins that have taken residence within the physical body. Removing these toxins will help the body recover from any ailments, as well as helping the body recover from an injury, or surgery. This will help to drastically reduce the need for lengthy recovery times that may have a knock on effect of your mental well being.