Crystals Healing; Auralite-23

Auralite-23 WandAuralite-23 is an incredible, unique, and rare crystal that comes from a small area of Canada known as ‘Thunder Bay’. Auralite-23 is one of the most powerful stones you can work with, with estimates ranging between 1.2 and 2 billion years old; making it one of the oldest known crystal on earth. Think about that for a moment, 2 BILLION years old, only basic organisms had started to form but here was this crystal, soaking on the energy of the cosmos for all them years. Auralite-23 works as a conduit, helping to link all of mankind together through the stardust that connect us all. Auralite-23 has been around longer than anything on earth, and can help us to glimpse into the past and see the ancient civilisations, but we can go even further, to the beginning of the earth. That is why Auralite-23 is so treasured amongst those who work with the energy of crystals.


Auralite-23 Rough Specimen

As the name suggests, Auralite-23 is a combination of 23 different minerals and elements; some pieces contain only 17 but the energy of the others is still there. Titanite, Cacoxenite, Lepidocrosite, Ajoite, Gold, Platinum, Silver, Covellite, Hematite, Magnetite, Pyrite, Goethite, Pyrolusite, Copper, Nickel, Iron, Limonite, Sphalerite, Chalcopyrite, Gialite, Epidote, Bornite and Rutile. That’s a lot of crystals, and a lot of energy to be found within. These various minerals had already been formed as individual specimens when 1 billion years ago in the Mesoproterozic Era, a meteorite struck the region, causing minerals such as gold, and platinum, to raise to surface, and existing minerals to melt into a sort of ‘glop’. The Amethyst crystals then reformed, keeping a hold of all the various minerals around.


Titanite – Helps enhance concentration and all mental abilities, great for increasing both knowledge and your fortune.

Cacozenite – A spiritual cleanser, helps with aliment of the divine mind.

Lepidocrosite – An emotional healer, helps with self love and depression.

Ajoite – Perfect for angelic communication and unleashing your inner goddess.

Hematite – The worlds super grounder!

Magnetite – Helps with activating and aligning the Chakras.

Pyrite – Will repair weak Chakras and balance the male & female energies.

Goethite – ‘Creates’ the Cosmic Anchor, attaching you to the Earth and the Galactic Realm.

Pyrolusite – Transformation and transmutation of the physical and emotional bodies.

Gold – Develops spirituality and develops understanding of the universe.

Silver – Creates a powerful connection to the astral body.

Platinum – Aligns the body to the etheric and subtle bodies.

Nickle – Helps you to reach the different dimensions around us.

Copper – Helps with joint pain.

Iron – Brings mental and emotional power and balance.

Limonite – Will help to protect against negative thoughts, both your own and those around you.

Sphalerite – Enhances your intuitive abilities.

Covelite – Activates your psychic power, helps to enhance communication in both this realm and that of the angels.

Chalcopyrite – Allows for communication to the ancient cultures within the cosmos.

Gialite – Grounds negative energies.

Epidote – All about personal power!

Bornite – Excellent at activating all the Chakras, brings a breath of fresh air!

Rutile – Helps to bring strength and love during hard times of transition.


Auralite-23 as a whole is excellent for those with Autism or those with ADD/AD(H)D. It can help calm down a worried, stressed and over worked mind, helping to allow way for peace to set in. It will help dispel any confusion and allow the mind to see clearly. Auralite-23 will also help you to accept new things into your life with open arms, it will help support you during times of emotional and physical turbulence, and help you get things back on track.


One thing to look out for is FAKE Auralite-23. This is becoming a common occurrence in recent years and will only get worse. The two best ways to get a piece of genuine Auralite-23 is to ask questions, with the ultimate being, ‘where did it come from?’ as there has been sources coming out of both Brazil and India, labelling included Amethyst as Auralite-23. Another one is to avoid those who sell Auralite-23 and Super Seven as the same thing as both these crystals are vastly different and is likely going to be neither of the crystals.


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