Crystal Healing – Scottish Green Stone


Scottish Green Stone formed over 600 million years ago when molten rock pushed up from the earths core through a limestone layer above. The Green Serpentine seen within every peace formed over time as a mineral reaction as the rock cooled. Whenever you’re collecting a piece of Scottish Green Stone it is imperative that you ask permission before collecting this stone from it’s source with legends of Faeries leading away those who take without permission from the Earth.


Since the 5th Century this stone has been well know, with local people carrying a small piece on them at all times for protection and well-being. As the world has evolved, so has this crystal, but it is still highly sought after and considered to have mystical and sacred healing properties.


Scottish Green Stone is known for helping to draw toxins and pain from the body and has been used for centuries to protect the holder against dark magick. It is an ideal stone to keep near when you’re feeling ill as it will help pull the toxins out of your body, allowing you to recover from an illness at a much faster rate.


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