Crystal Healing – K2 Stone

K2 Stone is the name given to a relatively recently discovered stone. It was found just a couple years ago in the foothills of the K2 Montain within the Karakoram Range within Pakistan & China. The main base of this stone is hard Granite, which is complimented nicely with spheres of Azurite. Some people claim that it is actually Afghanite within the Granite Matrix, but I personally doubt that to be true when you looking at how Azurite and Afghanite form as individual crystals – But I could be wrong.


K2 Stone is still quite rare, whether this is because it is a hard mineral to extract or there is just very little of this material to be found so if you find yourself drawn to a piece, make sure to add it to your collection. K2 Stone is known for helping to raise you up to the highest levels of consciousness while simultaneously helping to keep you grounded and centred with Mother Gaia. This high level of Consciousness allows you to receive guidance from the Higher Realms of thought which can help you to provide guidance and help to others, while allowing you to make decisions for the highest of good.


The energy from K2 Stone will connect with the Third Eye Chakra, activating this Chakra will help you to see the bigger picture. This can help you to see the good in negative outcomes. The higher awareness and clarity of thought will enable you to see clearly and know what is right for you and those around you when making difficult decisions.


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