Stone of your Guardian Angels

Celestite is a delicate blue crystal with a kind and uplifting energy which may help you contact your Guardian Angels in times of need. Celestite helps to calm your emotional and physical bodies while also helping those around you.

Celestite, or sometimes known as Celestine, is a strontium sulfate mineral. Celestite derives its name from the Latin word ‘caelestis‘ meaning Celestial, which also comes from the Latin word ‘caelum‘ meaning sky and heaven. It’s easy to see why it got this name with its typical light blue hues

Celestite grows as an Orthorhombic crystal, producing 4 sided crystals with a shovel like termination. Most Celestite that is seen comes from Madagascar, having a loose gray matrix holding the cluster together, but specimens also come from Poland and America, often large, singular crystals, with a more yellow hue.

Celestite will help to develop your natural born gifts, whether it’s empathy, or compassion, or maybe even psychic abilities. Celestite will reinforce what your spiritual body already has, allowing you to explore these abilities with better depth and understanding. Celestite will also aid in clearing mental gunk, allowing you to focus on what matters with better clarity.

Celestite will aid you in contacting your Guardian Angels, the soft blue hues matched with the high vibration of the stone will help to activate your Throat and Crown Chakras. Activating these Chakras in unison will help to open up the pathway to the realm of the Guardian Angels and allow you to seek guidance. While the Crown Chakra is what helps you reach this place and open up with pathways, it is the Throat Chakra and the pale blue hues that will help you to make the contact and open up the pathways of communication. You’ll be able to seek answers to questions like ‘Is this the right path for me?’, ‘Did I make the right decision for me?’ and ‘Should I venture down this path instead?’. While your Guardian Angels won’t force you down any particular route, they will help you to understand your options, as well as helping you understand that they’re always there looking after you.

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Celestite is one of few crystals that will help you to access and activate the Higher Transpersonal Chakras. Once you’ve activated your Crown Chakra during meditation, you’ll be able to open the Soul Star Chakra. Through this Chakra you’ll be able to access those beyond and lift your energy through to the higher dimensions and experience something otherworldly.

The Soul Star Chakra is the source of Divine Wisdom, working with this Chakra can help you during your journey of ascension and enlightenment. These Higher Chakras (Third Eye, Crown, and Soul Star) will all help you in developing and progressing existing clairvoyant abilities, psychic abilities, and intuition. Some have also found they have gained extra abilities that they’ve not been able to utilize in the past.

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