Amethyst is a common Silica-based mineral formed from Silicon Dioxide and Iron (SiO2-Fe). It is hard to determine a date of discovery with Amethyst, having had various mentions throughout history. Amethyst typically forms a 6-sided prism, ending in the 6-sided pyramid.


Amethyst is a very common mineral, and as such, it can be found in almost every country around the world. Amethyst is most typically mined in Brazil, Morocco, and Madagascar. Notable finds include Brandberg in Namibia, Vera Cruz in Mexico, and Jackson’s Crossroads in the United States of America.


Mineral CategorySilicate
Chemical FormulaSiO2-Fe
Crystal SystemTrigonal
MoHs Scale7
ColourDark Purple, Purple, Violet
Specific Gravity2.65
Astrology SignPisces
ChakraCrown & Third Eye


The Ancient Greeks often created goblets out of Amethyst, believing it would stop them from becoming drunk and disorderly. Over time, this tradition has faded, but healers around the world often prescribe Amethyst to help with various addictions. Amethyst works to break the attachment cords specific to each individual, helping to break the cycle of addiction. This mineral will further work to reduce any withdrawal symptoms and help the client understand how to leave the addiction in the past. This ‘breaking of the cycle’ can also be applied to many other areas, if you’ve managed to identify negative habits within yourself but have struggled to break the habit, this is where Amethyst can excel.

Amethyst helps to reduce active Beta brainwaves while promoting Alpha and Delta. Beta Brainwaves are characteristic of a highly alert and focused mind; while Alpha and Delta help reduce ‘mind chatter’ and promote relaxation. These Alpha brainwaves also help you to recover from stressful situations and emotional despair. Alpha brainwaves can also help you to set your mind’s attention away from outside distractions, ideal for those who wish to meditate. The best way to use Amethyst for this method is to keep a small piece on your bedside cabinet or under your pillow.

Amethyst works predominately with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, these are considered the source of power, wisdom and enlightenment. Use a piece of Amethyst when looking to enhance or sharpen any messages from spirit.


Physically, Amethyst can help to promote an improved immune system, balance the endocrine function, help reduce headaches and migraines, and help to regulate hormones.

Many suggest using an Amethyst Facial Roller to help promote new skin growth, reduce signs of aging and improve overall blood flow to the skin.

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