So who is Elemental Crystals?

That would be me, Joss, the one you can see in the photo above really wanting to look serious but trying so hard not to laugh at myself.

The story actually goes back 2 years before I started Elemental Crystals. I had just left Leeds City College after spending a year studying photography, that year really shaped who I am today, I met so many wonder individuals from all sorts of backgrounds and really helped me understand how we are all one on this planet together and gave me a new appreciation for life. It wasn’t one of these BANG you’re now spiritually enlightened sort of things, but did just make me appreciate things a bit more.

After that year, I moved back to Sunny Scotland (yes, I can hear the crowds laughing at the idea of sunny) but I really didn’t have much idea what I wanted to do next in life, I don’t think many people are when they’re 17. But life realllly had it in for me that following winter; I went in for a pretty much routine operation, wisdom teeth, just why do they exist again?! I woke up from that operation with pretty severe anxiety which completely changed the path I was on, but sometimes we do need a good shove in the right direction!

That Christmas, my lovely parents gifted me a piece of Blue Lace Agate, not really thinking it could help, but was willing to give anything a shot really… and well… it did help, I slept with that lovely piece under my pillow every night, my sleep improved, I was able to go outside the house (granted only in the garden, but that was a BIG change) and I was able to speak to my friends, it made a massive difference to me.

It was because of that one piece of Blue Lace Agate that I knew I wanted to do something with crystals, minerals, rocks, whatever you’d like to call them.

So on a dark and misty night… okay it was actually midday and at the start of Spring so was relatively nice weather, I realised this is something I wanted to pass onto others, both the crystals and knowledge that I had already gained. So with that in mind, I got started…

First stumbling block… A NAME! This is something I’m often asked about, ‘How did you come up with Elemental Crystals?’ I wanted something I could connect to, and I’ve always had a different kind of connection with the earth, the wind, the rain, so thought, Elements, Elemental… DONE! From there I set up our first online store, which while it had humble begins, quickly took off, a lot of people connected with what I was doing, premium quality crystals that aren’t often seen, at good, genuine prices.

From them beginnings, it’s been a case of strength to strength, Elemental Crystals now has a Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, a Dedicated Website, and a Physical Store. Elemental Crystals after opening it’s first store in Rothienorman in 2016, recently relocated to Inverurie, with more space, easier accessibility, and extra space to help bring plans to fruition.

Throughout this, I’ve always stuck to a set of Core Beliefs.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – We use as much recyclable packaging as possible, including biodegradable bubble wrap!

Responsible Sourcing – We often source our minerals direct from source, the beauty of this is we know the story of where the crystal came from

No Slave Labour

No Funding to Illegal Enterprises – Drug Cartels, War, etc.

Environmentally Friendly – No Mass Deforestation, Reduced Use of Explosive, No Chemical Run Off.

Charity – Every year donating to various local, national, and international causes.

Through this list of core beliefs, I can help connect you to ethnically sourced crystals that will not only help you, but will help the planet.

Before I jump off, I would also like to give a thank you to my family and friends, who are often in giving a helping hand, without them Elemental Crystals wouldn’t be the ‘hub’ it has become.

Hope you all have a lovely day, and crystal blessings x