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Our 'all' section is ideal for those that are unsure what they're looking for. Filled with an A-Z of every product we have you're free to have a look and see what inspires you.
Clusters & Geodes
Palm Stones
Natural Specimens
Rough Crystals
Jewellery is ideal for those that like to adorn themselves with crystals, allowing you to carry the energy with you through your day.
Spheres are the ideal tool in crystal healing, their smooth shape allows them to be held with great comfort. Spheres are ideal to hold when looking to channel and harness the energy within and be used as part of a meditation.
Tumblestones are the ideal addition to any collection, the small size allows them to be easily integrated into a medicine bag, allowing you to carry the energy around with you every day. You can also utilize them as part of grids.
Books & Cards
Have you just started your journey into the world of crystals or maybe looking to expand on your current knowledge? Books, Tarot Cards and Angel Cards are the ideal way to delve deeper and release the knowledge within.
Towers & Obelisks
Our Homeware section is ideal for those that are looking for ways to display their crystals or add items of decor to adorn the home.
Incense & Sage

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Elemental Crystals is proud to hold the largest range and variety of high quality crystals for phenomenal prices within the North-East of Scotland.

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Selenite: Empowering Your Spiritual Journey through Cleansing

Selenite holds a revered place in the realm of spiritual and emotional healing due to its unique metaphysical properties. This form of gypsum holds a reputation as a powerful tool for cleansing and purifying energies, both within oneself and the surrounding environment.